Dear Healthcare Informatics Professionals, 

Achievements of Turkey in terms of digital transformation in healthcare as well as the progress has been made in terms of HIMSS EMRAM criteria made Turkey a role model country for the region and developing countries. As an international event covering Asian, European and African countries, the fact that more than 10.000 visitors from 85 countries came together at HIMSS Eurasia events so far. In HIMSS Eurasia 2021, Ministerial-level delegations from 15 countries, over 3000 attendees and over 50 sponsors have met in Antalya on 17-19 November.

Due to the the normalization after the pandemic we are getting prepared to meet with you at Antalya for a hybrid conference and exhibition experience on 10-12 November 2022 at HIMSS+Eurasia’22 Healthcare Information and Technologies Conference and Exhibition. At the same time, as an hybrid event, we expect participations of healthcare professionals from all over the world on our digital platform. 

HIMSS Eurasia Conference that will be held with the leading support and maintenance of Turkish Ministry of Health with the collaboration of universities and private hospitals, and the participation of health authorities from regional countries will provide the participants health solutions based on innovation and leading IT implementations. Thus, we will discover the most up-to-date improvements in the health sector and future all together! 

Digital Hospital, E-Health, Intelligent Systems and Technologies in Healthcare, advanced  practices in Healthcare Information, artificial intelligence and new technologies will be evaluated by healthcare managers and healthcare information professionals under the roof of Healthcare Informatics Fair. Alongside with the exhibition area where the sector players would build commercial networks and establish meaningful collaborations, B2B meetings will provide meeting opportunities with the target institutions and purchasers. 

For further and up-to-date information on HIMSS+Eurasia, you may visit www.himsseurasia.com 

In order to discover new practices and  developments in the ever-changing field  of healthcare information, we’re inviting all healthcare professionals and healthcare managers to the meetings that will be held from 10-12  November, 2022. 

Şuayip Birinci, Turkish Republic Deputy Health Minister

Harold “Hal” Woolf, President & CEO, HIMSS USA