Dear Health IT Professionals,

We witness important achievements, which may set an example for the rest of the world, in health informatics field as well as all other healthcare fields in a young country with rapid development and adaptation skills such as Turkey. The distance covered by Turkey in terms of HIMSS Turkey EMRAM Educational Conference and Health IT Exhibition and HIMSS EMRAM Criteria, successfully maintained since 2014, brought Turkey to a role model position among regional countries and developing countries. After all, it has become inevitable to make an international event that covers the Asian, European and African countries. As a result, it has been determined that “HIMSS Turkey” shall be upgraded into a wider regional event with the name of “HIMSS Eurasia”.

We would like to share our happiness of “HIMSS Eurasia Health IT Conference and Exhibition” to be held in Istanbul, starting from 2018.

“HIMSS Eurasia’19”, which will take place with the cooperation of universities, private hospitals, SSI and similar institutions and the health sector authorities of the countries in the region, which have a significant share in the health service provision, especially the support and protection of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, will create big opportunities to meet the best IT practices and innovation-based solutions. So, we will discover the ways of transforming the healthcare industry together.

Authority moderators and speakers on health informatics in the scope of Health IT Conference will get together with advanced applications, new technologies, health executives and health IT professionals in the following fields as Digital Hospital, E-Health, Smart Systems and Technologies in Health.

Please visit www.himsseurasia.com for further information about HIMSS Eurasia’19.

We kindly invite all healthcare professionals and health executives to HIMSS Eurasia’19 Health IT Conference and Exhibition to be held in Istanbul between 30 October – 1 November 2019, in order to discover new applications and developments in ever-changing and ever-growing health IT field.

Dr. Şuayip BİRİNCİ 
Deputy Minister of Health,
Republic of Turkey
Ministry of Health

President & CEO