Dear Healthcare Professionals,

Türkiye’s success in digital transformation in health, and the distance covered in terms of HIMSS EMRAM Criteria has made Türkiye a role model for all countries in the region and developing countries.

“HIMSS + Eurasia Health Technologies Conference and Exhibition”, an international event encompassing Asian, European and African countries, will bring together thousands of health professionals from more than 50 countries in the region in November 2024.

HIMSS Eurasia Conference, which will be held with the support and patronage of the Turkish Ministry of Health, cooperation of universities and private hospitals and the active participation of the health authorities of the countries in the region; will offer its participants the opportunity to meet with innovation-based healthcare solutions and best IT practices. In this way, we will discover the current developments and the future in the health sector together.

The health tech exhibition, where digital hospital, e-health, smart systems and technologies in health, innovation-based new technologies, artificial intelligence and advanced applications will be exhibited, will bring together health informatics companies, health managers and health IT professionals from the public, private sector and academia under the same roof.

In addition to the exhibition area, where industry players can find cooperation opportunities by establishing commercial connections, B2B meetings to be held within the scope of the event will also provide opportunities to meet with target institutions and buyers.

For more comprehensive and up-to-date information about HIMSS Eurasia, you can visit www.himsseurasia.com.

We invite all health professionals and health managers to the events to be held in Antalya on 2024 in order to discover new applications and developments in the ever-changing and developing field of health informatics and technologies.