Artificial Intelligence: From Evidence to Applications in Practice

The use of artificial intelligence plays a major role in minimizing human-induced errors before, during, and after patient examination and treatment, analyzing very large data quickly and without errors, correctly interpreting the effects of treatment protocols on patients, ensuring a rapid understanding of medical images clearly as data. Likewise, the analysis of the reflections of artificial intelligence in health as well as the imagination of possible future uses of artificial intelligence and the benefits of these uses are also within the scope of this panel.


Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu
Istanbul Provincial Health Administrator

Doç. Dr. Ural KOÇ
Ankara Şehir Hastanesi, Girişimsel Radyoloji Ünitesi

Zafer Küçükşabanoğlu
Yapay Zeka Politikaları Derneği (AIPA) Kurucusu ve Başkanı

Halil Sarıbaş
ASIRDx General Manager

Hakan Karataş
AKGÜN General Manager