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“Turkey will get even better in the health field”

Prof. Reda Alhajj, University of Calgary, emphasized that Turkey has made very large investment in the health sector and go forward in the interview with the HIMSS Eurasia channel. Then he added the fpollowing words: “They have a system which tries to capture data about all patients across Canada across Turkey and they have online […]

Participants showed interest to Digital Hospital…

In the ‘Digital Hospital Platform’, which provides visitors the opportunity to experience the use of software, hardware, devices and technological products and applications that are part of the solution in the digital processes of hospitals, prioritizing patient safety and privacy of personal data, facilitating the health professionals’ work related to patient care better and quality […]

HIMSS’19 Eurasia Health Informatics And Technologies Conference And Fair

HIMSS’19 Eurasia Health Informatics and Technologies Conference and Fair, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Deputy Minister Dr.Şuayip Birinci, HİMSS USA III. President & CEO Harold Hal Wolf ve HIMSS Turkey Director İlker Köse with participation, opened its doors to professionals in health informatics in İstanbul Pullman Hotel, on 30 October.

At HIMSS’19 Eurasia, ANKAREF supports as main sponsor “Tracking and Auditing Innovation” using the technology which Ankaref has provided for Health Services

By making use of “Tracking and Auditing Innovation” which mainly includes tracking and auditing Health Services by using IOT based advanced technologies; Health Sector Director of Güler ERTÜRK will be explaining the ways to increase the quality of Health services with reducing the cost of Health services to the Health professionals and decision makers attending […]

Discover synedra AIM

synedra AIM is a modular Health Content Management (HCM) platform. Health Content Management means that documents, images, videos, laboratory findings and other information objects of a healthcare facility are regarded as a strategic resource and are managed uniformly. A healthcare facility implementing Health Content Management makes the conscious decision to consolidate data islands into a unified platform solution. synedra AIM consists […]

Pharmed Closed Loop Drug Management System

“Pharmed Drug Management System” is a sophisticated management system manufactured by Agena Sağlık that ensures monitoring, management, reporting and safety of the pharmaceutical enabling a controlled distribution beginning with the arrival of the drug to the hospital until the use of the patient. It provides treatment of patients with Patient accuracy, Drug Accuracy, Delivery time […]

FreeStyle Libre Digital Health Solutions

Today, diabetes is a serious and important chronic disease for our country. Early diagnosis and effective treatment of diabetes, especially controlling sugar levels, reduces the incidence of complications; and enables to limit the costs caused by complications and to improve the quality of life of diabetics. In the management of diabetes, it is very important […]

Discover synedra!

synedra information technologies GmbH was founded in Innsbruck (Austria) in the year 2005. Its foundation was based on the idea to launch a platform solution for the archiving of all medical data, covering the requirements of all specialties of a healthcare facility in a hospital-wide system. The result was synedra AIM – our healthcare-content-management-platform that […]