Gemini, klinik karar destek sistemleri ile Türkiye’nin her yerinde

Gemini Inc. which is Turkey representative of the leading companies in the sector in the field of medical databases such as UpToDate, Elsevier ClinicalKey, STATdx Radiology Decision Support System Lexicomp, Future Science and Turkish Clinics responds to e-resource needs that contain up-to-date and evidence-based information in the medical field. Gemini’s clinical decision support systems, which offers products and services to the Faculties of Medicine and data centers of hospitals with more than 26 years of experience, is used effectively more than 70 Faculty of Medicine and 60 Education and Research Hospital of The Health Ministry in Turkey.

The company, which has been actively working to increase the quality of service of hospitals with advanced technologies electronic databases and software, offers the access of the representative online clinical decision support systems by integrating hospitals operating system to doctors. After a one-time registration through the UpToDate platform, remote access (from home / office / mobile phones, mobile devices) is provided UpToDaTe cynical decision support system and UpToDate application is used easily by downloading to mobile devices.

Elsevier STATdx Radiology Decision Support System was presented with the trial access to radiologists in the related hospital by integrating into T.R. Ministry of Health Telemedicine system between 8 November 2017 and 2 February 2018.

Gemini Inc. which gives widespread support in every region of Turkey on the evidence-based leading TIP e-database platforms, contributes to reduce diagnostic errors and duplicated diagnostic tests with diagnostic decision support systems, to minimalize the ratio of re-hospitalization, to improve patient safety and quality of care by reducing the duration of hospital stay.

We are waiting for the Gemini stand at HIMSS’18 Eurasia which is going to be held at Pullman Hotel between 25-27 October 2018.

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