General Entry Rules to the Event Area

According to the decisions taken during the cabinet meeting held by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on 19 August 2021, in order for people to enter the physical activity area on should,

  • Be vaccinated and prove that;
    • 2 weeks has been passed after the second dose for Sinovac and Biontech-Pfizer or,
    • 2 weeks has been passed after the second dose for vaccines approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization and Turkey (eg AstraZeneca/Oxford, Covishield, Sinopharm, Moderna) or,
    • For Johnson and Johnson, 2 weeks have passed after the single dose,


  • Be within the officially designated immunity period (6 Months) after recovering from COVID-19


  • Show a negative PCR test taken maximum 48 hours before the event is required.

For the announcement of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, please see:

Vaccine/immunity/PCR test control will be carried out over the HES code for Turkish citizens and foreigners residing in Turkey. Click here to learn how to get your HES code:

For participants coming from outside Turkey, vaccination checks will be held at the airport. However, since there is no requirement to be vaccinated when entering our country with PCR, and although negative PCR test and/or 14-day quarantine is also required, in order to provide hygienic certainty, visitors who cannot present a HES code at the event entrance area will be asked to have an official vaccination card that complies with the above conditions or a negative PCR test taken maximum 48 hours before. To review the decisions regarding the countries, please see:

Participants who fulfill these conditions will receive their badges immediately after the control. Visitors who are not within the immunity period, who cannot present 2 doses of vaccine (single dose for J&J) within 14 days, or who cannot present a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours will not be given a badge.

Fairground and Conference Hall Rules

In the light of the announcement of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, titled “Measures to be Taken at Fairs to be Held in Closed Spaces and Rules to be Followed”;

  • All entrances and exits will be open to traffic according to the convenience of social distance (1 meter to 3-4 steps).
  • The number of participants and staff is designed to be 1 person per 10 square meters in total.
  • It is mandatory for visitors and staff to wear masks at the entrance to the fairground, in the fairground and in the conference halls. Visitors who refuse to wear a mask will receive a badge. Masks will be available in fair and conference areas.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the fairground and in the fairground.
  • Personnel and visitors showing signs of COVID-19 (high fever, cough, runny nose, respiratory distress) will be directed to the nearest health facility.
  • Every exhibition product/surface with frequent hand contact will be disinfected with products approved by the Ministry of Health and holding a Biocidal Product License.
  • In the ventilation of fair and conference areas, the title of “MEASURES TO BE TAKEN IN AIR CONDITIONING / AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS” in the “Covid-19 Epidemic Management and Working Guide” prepared by the Ministry of Health will be taken as a guide.
  • Company representatives will be informed about the rules to be applied in the booth areas. This information will cover the topics such as setting up social distance, leaving enough time between meetings to allow the meeting areas to be cleaned again, planning the area in advance so that social distance will not be disrupted during the product demonstration, using contactless / digital materials in every possible area, special packaging of all products in promotional distributions.