Innovation is important to have an international perspective

Claus Duedal Pedersen from Orden State University Hospital Innovation Center was the guest of HIMSS TV at the HIMSS Euraisa 2019 event. Speaking about how technology affects the healthcare industry and how the healthcare industry is moving forward, Pedersen explained what they owe their success in innovation: “ …discover what are the other hospitals doing […]

“Turkey will get even better in the health field”

Prof. Reda Alhajj, University of Calgary, emphasized that Turkey has made very large investment in the health sector and go forward in the interview with the HIMSS Eurasia channel. Then he added the fpollowing words: “They have a system which tries to capture data about all patients across Canada across Turkey and they have online […]

“HIMSS Eurasia will contribute Turkey to become a brand in the region.”

Mehmet Gülez, EY Consulting Innovation Leader, Health and Life Sciences Sector Leader I am glad to participate in all the activities of HIMSS Eurasia in recent years and I observe that this organization has been improving itself with each passing year. About HIMSS Eurasia and EurasiaStart, I wish the companies participating in this structure meet […]

“Everything from A to Z related the healthcare industry was at HIMSS’19 Eurasia”

Borga Aruta, Esri Turkey Istanbul Sales Manager HIMSS’19 Eurasia was a very efficient and beautiful event. It is especially important in terms of bringing both the public and private sectors together. There was intense interest in the event and everything from A to Z related the healthcare industry was in here.

By means of HIMSS Eurasia, a future-oriented vision has been shaping”

İlter Tolga Doğan, E-KALİTE Founder and Projects Manager I previously attended one of the HIMSS events in America. HIMSS Eurasia attracted with a great deal of attention beyond my expectations. In this way, a future-oriented vision has been shaping. In response to the question how can we make more use of the data in the […]

“HIMSS’19 Eurasia was noteworthy in terms of showing that Turkey puts great importance on Start-Ups”

Ayşegül İmil Kader, Abbott Molecular Group Country Manager (Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia) The meeting consisting of 11 Start-Ups being held within HIMSS’19 Eurasia was quite noteworthy in terms of showing that Turkey puts great importance on Start-Ups in the field of health. Knowing that the participant Start-Ups will be applied and used in much more […]

“We will make the best effort to carry our country into a prosperous future.”

Ömer Siso, Sisoft Health Information Systems Chairman I have been in the IT sector for 32 years. Since 2010, our branch in the United States have started to operate and in the same year, our vision positively changed as being HIMSS Platinum member and participating in HIMSS events. This lead us to understand that we […]