“We want to make the hospitals the center of all artificial intelligence studies”

Fuat Yalçın, PHILIPS Turkey Business Development Director Artificial intelligence helps us to involve patients in the process. As PHILIPS, we want to work on lives by bringing together technology and human power. By creating a Digital Twin, we simulate possible diseases that a person could have. We want to make hospitals the center of all […]

“There is a compact system that combines data in Turkey”

Professor Reda Alhajj, Data Specialist at the University of Calgary Turkey took a quite important step in the digitization of all stages of the health care system by acting with a patient-centered management approach. They have a compact system that combines the data of all hospitals and suppliers and optimizes the allocation of services and […]

“”We can see the transformation of health technologies and industry in HIMSS Eurasia”

Beşir Kemal Şahin, HIMSS Eurasia Event Director When we look at HIMSS Eurasia, we are able to see the transformation of health technologies and industry. Our companies have been moving towards to become a global player. That is quite valuable for us and the motivation of this event. HIMSS is an event leading their participations […]

“HIMSS Eurasia is a platform where the health solutions of digital world can be experienced”

Temel Akgün, Chairman of the Board, AKGÜN Software In order to keep up with the pace of development of digital health technologies, we need to change our traditional service approach and obtain new technologies in no time. As AKGÜN R&D Center, we have used the latest technologies in the fields of radiology, mammography and intensive […]

“We have a capacity to export our digital transformation success in health to abroad”

Ali Erhan Birinci, General Manager of ANKAREF As a country, we have been experiencing a digital transformation in health. Our Ministry and our companies put great efforts in this. We have the capacity to carry the same model to abroad very easily. HIMSS Eurasia is an event we have been sponsoring the last three years, […]

“The most important contribution of HIMSS Eurasia is its stimulus effect for the sector ”

Nuran Aydın Ateş, PhD Professor at Medipol University and President of Nursing Informatics Association The number and variety of participants of HIMSS Eurasia has increased and its scope has expanded. It has a concept that covers not only certain services but all health services. The most important contribution of HIMSS Eurasia is its stimulus effect […]

“HIMSS Eurasia will address to larger geographies, to many more participants”

Ufuk Eren, Volitan Global Managing Partner & EY Consulting CESA Health Sector and Life Sciences Sector Leader The participation of Start-Ups and Eurasia Start were especially important for HIMSS Eurasia. Morever Turkey is really powerful in terms of information technology infrastructure and health services delivery. So HIMSS Eurasia has a crucial importance as a place […]

“There is a superior intelligence and a magnificent infrastructure at HIMSS Eurasia”

Dr. Ali Ramazan Benli, Kayseri Provincial Health Directorate General Manager At HIMSS Eurasia, there is a superior intelligence and a magnificent infrastructure that the IT world has put forward. Especially in recent years, we have been observing that an important Big Data within the current system is shaping thanks to the developments of our country […]

“The most important thing is to make digitalization sustainable”

Op. Dr. Fatih Hayali, Chief Physician of Tire State Hospital As Turkey’s first HIMSS Stage 7 hospital, we use fully digitized applications and it get much easier to reach the previous patients’ information. We got comfortable thanks to our closed loop medication systems, digital supply management systems, and physician and nurse decision support systems. But […]