Health Tourism

With the development of technology and the development of health service delivery and patient mobility, health tourism has gained great importance. A patient in an African country can view the health services provided in a hospital in Europe, has an interview with her doctor, and can digitally plan her processes for physical operations related to treatment processes after this consultation session. The development of health tourism, which has billion-dollar market potential, is directly proportional to the digitalization of hospitals. In this panel, the link between hospital digitalization and health tourism will be examined and analyzed.


Mehmet Ali Kılıçkaya
USHAŞ President

Hüseyin Çelik
TÜSPE Sağlık Politikaları Bilim Kurulu Üyesi

Gülsultan Doğan
Mcan Health General Manager

Genco Çetinkanat
Güven Sağlık Grubu Genel Müdür Yardımcısı

Dr. Mahmood Adil
Public Health Scotland & Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (P)