“Accession of the 166 hospitals to HIMSS standards in Turkey is a great improvement for us”
Harold “Hal” Wolf HIMSS USA, III, President & CEO said that HIMSS’18 Eurasia is an unique meeting from the point of strengthening relations between governments, going beyond the boundaries and seeing a group of these countries together that consist of the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans, harbour 1 billion people, with Turkey. “There are huge investments that were made to improve hospitals in Turkey. The best health service that people deserve, is given to citizens. We use as much knowledge and technology as we have ever been in the health sector. All countries face problems such as chronic diseases, aging populations, geographical impossibilities, inability to access health services, and problems experienced by health staff. In this context, the use of information and technology will lead us forward,” said.

Wolf emphasized that in Turkey 166 hospitals has reached the HIMSS standards and he added “This is a huge improvement for us. We are excited about the fact that this development took place in just 4 years. When we have completed our first 5-year relationship next year, I think we will have reached more numbers and we will make our relationship much stronger. In this context, HIMSS has added health 2.0 to the HIMSS family. It has achieved the best, new and broad vision and has expanded its goals in providing the best healthcare services.
I hope that we can continue the cross-country dialogue that we provide here today to go further in the field of investment opportunities and health. It is our duty and vision to be able to touch every person in the world, to bring informatics and information technologies to all health sectors and to move forward with you on this important journey.”

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