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Motto, a software company that produces solutions for the hospital and medical sector continues its activities with a large number of product portfolio, within the scope of HIMSS (Digital Hospital) project.

Motto’s products within the scope of HIMSS(DIGITAL HOSPITAL)projects;

MOTTO DICOM(PACS integration software), is a software integrating data received from the devices having no PACS integration into DICOM format to the PACS system. Sent data can be opened and displayed on any workstation and medical monitors in the hospitals through the Internet.

Thanks to the HIMSS compatibility of the software with WORKLIST INTEGRATION processes can be performed by integrating into the current work list at the hospital.

Thanks to PACS INTEGRATION, the whole system works integrated with each other from patient selection to send the results of the examination to the PACS system.

Result cannot be sent to the PACS system without selecting a patient from the work list. Therefore, PATIENT-EXAMINATION matching is made in terms of safety measures. Patients sent to the PACS system are also listed.
The software can work integrated with the devices such as Ultrasound, ECG, Holter, EEG, EMG, OCT, Endoscopy, Bone Densitometry, Respiratory Function Test, Uroflowmeter, Cystoscopy, and EphorECG without any need for technical intervention.

As one of the important needs of hospitals, MOTTO offers solutions for the centralization of NST devices and for the integration of PACS as well.

MOTTO AUDOMETRY can automatically interpret hearing test result. It transfers the created results to the PACS system in DICOM format.

MOTTO SKOPI works integrated with available medical devices at the hospitals such as Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy regardless of their brands. It has the characteristics such as recording photos and videos, reporting and sending them to the PACS system if required.

We are expecting you to the Motto stand at HIMSS’18 Eurasia, which is going to be held at Pullman Hotel between 25-27 October 2018.

Motto Yazılım Motto Yazılım

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