“We will make a serious transformation in health by establishing a digital network in the TRNC”
Dr. Filiz Besim TRNC Minister of Health said that they will take Turkey’s work as an example corresponding with the digital hospital process of TRNC. “Although we think that we have achieved 80 percent success in 10 years in TRNC, we have difficulties in disseminating internet technology in health services all over the island and in terms of efficiency. I’m following Turkey’ transformation in health with admiration and by combining this know-how, we are going to make a serious transformation in health by establishing a digital network in the TRNC with the support we will receive from them. We are going to launch a study for our hospital in the matter of receiving HIMMS accreditation,” said.

Besim drew attention to the rapid development of technology and added “Our generation has experienced the greatest development of internet technology. In my childhood, there was no electricity in my village. The only screen that we opened into the World was a Yeşilçam film on Greek television once a week by visiting the neighboring Greek village. I introduced with the computer during my high school years, and internet technology during my university years. It was a great development.

It is a wonderful development to bring all the knowledge of the world and human history to the service of people by uploading to this technology and to use this development in health. A significant efficiency, savings and patient-oriented service in health will be provided by using serious technologies in preventive health, patient follow-up, drug follow-up and health-related information to be recorded.”

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