Pharmed Closed Loop Drug Management System

“Pharmed Drug Management System” is a sophisticated management system manufactured by Agena Sağlık that ensures monitoring, management, reporting and safety of the pharmaceutical enabling a controlled distribution beginning with the arrival of the drug to the hospital until the use of the patient. It provides treatment of patients with Patient accuracy, Drug Accuracy, Delivery time accuracy, Dosage accuracy at the clinic and maximizes cost-expenditure management by automatically invoicing the drugs that are applied.

“Pharmed Drug Management System” with the help of 7/24 drug distribution from floor workstations, reduces patient’s access of the first dose to 3-4 minutes thereby increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. Moreover, time-consuming drug preparation, registration and counting processes are performed automatically through the system. Treatment modifications and return procedures are realize instantly through the system and prescriptions are traced both on master station and pharmacy module.

Drug and stock safety is maximized through precautions such as witnessed intake of narcotic drugs, controlled access to cold chain drugs, constant temperature and humidity monitoring, and prevention of access to drugs by unauthorized personnel.
“Pharmed Drug Management System”, operating for over three years in İzmir – Tire State Hospital with HIMMS-7 Certificate, enables process analysis, workforce optimization and accurate planning starting from the pharmacy by ensuring that all drug movements are traceable and recordable.

“Pharmed Drug Management System” increases the quality of service both in pharmacy and in service by drug automation, and regular work-flow through conformity with national and international Service Quality Standards (TÜSEB, HIMMS and JCI) and is planned and installed considering the needs of the institution. Besides, as the needs change it can be reconfigured thanks to its modular structure.

For more, we would like to invite you to Pharmed’s stand at HIMSS’19 Eurasia to take place at Pullman Hotel between 30 October – 01 November 2019