Turkcell, equipped state hospitals with the same quality technological infrastructure as their superior construction standards, manages the entire operation of the Hospital Information Management System within the scope of the information technology infrastructure by using application software service and the related data entry personnel ready to operate in the hospital. This transformation started in 2017 with Yozgat and Adana State Hospitals continues with Elazığ and Eskisehir in 2018 and Bursa hospitals in 2019.

State hospitals have a digital identity now. In digitalized hospitals, information systems are integrated completely, and all kinds of medical devices share information through networks and sensors. The hospital management system works perfectly with the intelligent building technology while radiology images, reports, forms and blood tests are on the screen of the relevant doctor without using paper and film. In addition, all the information about the health of the patient can be accessed with one click as accurately and fully. Patients’ diagnosis and treatment processes accelerate and life of health personnel becomes easier.

Yozgat State Hospital, first state hospital has been digitalized by Turkcell, became eligible to receive the level 6 certification from HIMSS Turkey, in which Turkey’s top IT applications and solutions based on innovation have been accredited, and took its place among the world’s most reputable digital hospitals.

As a joint process by T.R. Ministry of Health, Turkey State Hospitals Institution, Medipol University and HIMMS, within the scope of digital hospital assessment processes, Yozgat State Hospital, in which all digital infrastructure is provided by Turkcell, met the criteria of EMRAM Level 6 and was entitled to be recognized as level 6 hospital. It has been authenticated that Yozgat State Hospital provides the same service as other reputable hospitals after obtaining level 6 accreditation.

In June, Yozgat State Hospital passed preliminary evaluation for level 7, which is the highest level of HIMSS Global. In order to become the first hospital with HIMSS level 7, the work continues without continuously.

About HIMS software’s critical position for the operation of the hospital, Turkcell, with its quality, stepped up in order to take HIMS software into action. Created a team with expert engineers, Turkcell started creating the structure of Turkey’s best HIMS application.

Turkcell’s Deputy General Manager Murat Erkan stated that they have equipped and digitalized Yozgat State Hospital and added:

“We, as Turkcell, started digital hospital era in Yozgat State Hospital. We digitalized every process in the hospital with Information Management System. All patient information became monitorable from all mobile devices after we establish the digital infrastructure. Again, with the Kiosks we placed in the hospital, it is now easy to take the queue number, access test results. With the digital infrastructure, all kinds of medical devices can send data via networks and sensors. Thanks to digitalization, we withdrew paper from circulation. X-rays, reports, blood tests are not delivered manually. Doctors can access them directly. Our works are officially registered with HIMSS 6 Accreditation. Thus, our hospital has become one of the world’s leading digital hospitals. This experience we gained in Yozgat will also contribute greatly to the works on the digitalization of other hospitals in our country.”

Erkan stated that digitalization will increase customer and employee satisfaction and added: “Thanks to HIMSS Level 6 Accreditation, the world’s reputable digital hospitals ensure that patient and employee safety is maximized with the use of the technology in healthcare services. This system, which supports patient safety and proper treatment, will increase customer and employee satisfaction to higher levels. As Turkcell, we continue our services in Elazig and Adana State Hospitals by taking our experiences from this transformation to the next level. Eskisehir State Hospital is waiting for admitting patients as we completed our preparations for the opening ceremony.

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) was founded in 1961 and is a non-profit organization with structured in America, Europe and Asia. It aims to provide the most suitable use of information technologies in the presentation and development of health services. HIMSS evaluates the digital processes of hospitals which applied to HIMSS. It uses the world-recognized accreditation and standard model (1 to 7) to determine the level at which they come and rewards hospitals that have completed their digital processes up to sixth and seventh level.

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