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Kardelen Software, Turkey’s one of most important manufacturers of Health Information Management System. Within all healthcare service providers in accordance with the workflow processes of products with enhanced health sector is one of the companies they prefer. In addition to producing health information systems, Kardelen Software, which designates different business processes, which are each defined by separate work flow rules, equipped with field information and different legislation, combines this know-how with the expertise of technological solutions in health facilities. KarMed Healthcare Information Systems of Kardelen Software, which provides KarMed branded solutions to more than 200 public and private health facilities today, is a modular structured information management system that covers different processes with the depth of information that can address the health informatics users at different levels of knowledge, covering all stages of the health system.

Some of the products of Kardelen Software are;

• Hospital Information Management System
• Laboratory Information Management System
• Radiology Information Management System
• Teleradiology
• My Health File
• Intensive Care Information System
• Family Medicine Information System
• Software Process Management
• Human Resources Information Management System

Karmed Health Information System, family physicians, private hospitals, other private health institutions, public hospitals, university hospitals, public hospital association general secretariat, university hospitals, campus hospitals with public private partnership and international health organizations developed. As well as the technology and features of the Health Information Management Systems, updating, consulting, legislative compliance, implementation of legislation and technical support services are also important. Having more than 15 years of experience and know-how as a manufacturer of health information systems, Kardelen Software provides technical support and consultancy services to its medical and administrative processes with specialized teams. The installation, training and technical support of the products carried out by the design of the work flow processes of health facilities are carried out by the expert staff, whose numbers are more than 450 and are continuously trained in the work flow processes.

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