What Awaits You?

  • What awaits us at the Health System in terms of COVID-19 Pandemic and the New Normal?
  • Rising values: Telehealth, Mobile Health, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality
  • The role of the technology has been tested in making the health systems sustainable! Conclusion?
  • Healthcare professionals, the most important actors of the health system during the pandemic (their psychology and technology)
  • Vaccine and medicine production and supply technologies – Are we ready for treatment?
  • The era of digitally-conscious patients began!
  • Is it possible to manage the pandemic with big data?
  • Is artificial intelligence a technology or is it a tangible person?
  • Role of healthcare information systems in management of the pandemic from HBYS to the artificial intelligence
  • Did the era of robots begin in healthcare?
  • Technologic transformation for managers of healthcare service providers
  • Which treatments can be fully digitalized?
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