Discover new and exciting ways to establish your organisation as a thought leader, promote best practices, and present your innovations live at HIMSS Eurasia 2024 in Antalya. The HIMSS Eurasian Health Conference will provide more ways to reach and engage with your audiences than ever before.

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Key Themes of HIMSS Eurasia 2024

  • How prepared the health system is to disasters and crises? What is the role of technology in building resilient and agile healhcare? 
  • Governance and interoperability between technologies, systems and institutions: What is the role of technology for governance and interoperability for different sectors and departments regarding the healthcare? 
  • AI ethics: How the ethical rules could be determined for anonymization and privacy of the personal data? 
  • Does AI algorithms devalueate the dignity and involableness of human life? Where this tech is going to? 
  • Cyber security; Are our personal data safe? What are the legal implementations and limits? 
  • Digital transformation in medical procurement and logistics
  • IT in chronical disease management 
  • Technology in geriatrics and aging management 
  • Public Health, Improvement of health, how IT affects the health communication and public health implementations?
  • Focus group meetings, Technology presentations

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