LiveWell Wearable Health Technologies and Services Company is a new generation wearable health device manufacturer.Products of LiveWell makes health status visibility for Heath plan Sponsors such as; Hospitals, e- Healthcare Providers, Elderly Care Centers, Corporations and Insurance Companies; through enabling usage of their own brands and processes via customizable dashboards, integrated wellness campaigns, and detailed reporting and analytics for their patients. The main goal of LiveWell is to create a colloborative health platform (web+mobile), where different types of medical data, (from new devices or off the shelf devices people are already using to obtain information about heart rate, blood pressure and sugar, movement) is aggregated and used as a bridge to connect users with medical professionals, helping in the diagnosis stage. LiveWell provides a sophisticated service infrastructure to Healthcare Facilities with a business model that provides measurement, medical advice and emergency response services.

The daily life activities and habit patterns of the patients can not be collected properly depanding on the limited information gathered during the first visit of the patient, this information is very crucial for choronic disease patients for to the point and custom diagnosis.LiveWell products,can enable hospitals to collect the daily activity of the patient, and can be tracked as a “memory book of the patient”, which as well can be provided as a case analysis history for physicians and suitable, on time treatment and service can be delivered to the patient. This life pattern data and medical measurement data are collected and processed in a single platform and machine learning algorithms are being used to perform combined helath analysis. These collected data are automatically shared in real time with health service providers and personalized treatment can be applied by profiling the patient’s chronic illness.

LiveWell’s New Generation Mobile Ambulatory Electrocardiyographic Device Cardiom (3-5-12-channel mobile electrocardiogram device), continuous ECG measurements, as well as a real-time arrhythmia analysis and detection, alarm notifications can be enabled. This measurement data is analysed in detail and delivered to the LiveWell Health Intelligence platform for the initiation of automatic ambulance processes and the initiation of the custom treatment by the physicians in cases of critical health alarms. Live Well Health Intelligence Platform provides all the real time information, gathered from company branded medical devices, related to diagnosis and follow-up of chronic disease patients to the physicians .. ECG Analysis application, can enable physicians, to make detailed analyzes on strips, pulses, etc.; tendency analysis, diagnostic analysis, tachogram analysis and to get detailed ECG report for the patient within minutes. Mobile application, can enable physicians since physicians have close contact with the patient, both sides can follow up the choronic disease and makes the treatment process quick and easy. The web-based structure of the applications makes it possible for the physicians to access time and location independent practice, thus allowing the patient to be monitored 24 hours a day and quickly intervened in alarm situations. By the patient consent, in cases an urgent intervention is required, ambulance from the nearest health institution is routed to the patient location, submission of all reports for diagnoses and recognition that would constitute input for treatment is delivered to the physician before the ambulance reaches to the patient, that makes EFR- Emergency first response fast and efficient. LiveWell Health Intelligence Platform’s service structure, is compatible and integrated with all hospital healthcare systems (HBYS- HL7). The loyalty and campaign management infrastructure designed within the platform strengthens communication with patients-physicians and health facilities and can be used with different modes that can be managed remotely as real time telemetry, holter and event recorder. In this way, by purchasing 1 device instead of 4 devices your budget will be used effectively. In addition to exchanging information via GSM, it also enables communication and exchange of information with other mobile devices via Bluetooth. It is possible to monitor patients at any time with GPS tracking.

LiveWell also has a state-of-the-art intensive care unit with a real-time patient monitor and wearable 12-channel T-Shirt ECG studies and intelligent ventilator work for ambulances and all emergency response environments.

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