Turkey is pioneering to regional countries with its success and experience

Dr. Fahrettin KOCA, Minister of Health

The determination of Ministry of Health about ‘paperless hospitals’, which provides better and quality services to the patient and facilitates the work of health workers has been a source of motivation for all healthcare institutions; today Turkey has become a leader of Europe by shining amongst many Western countries with the progress of digitalisation in health. Turkey that leaves behind all European countries by this year in the rating of HIMSS EMRAM with 1 hospital with Stage 7 and 164 hospitals with Stage 6, will continue to digitize its hospitals with the same determination and speed.

Turkey’s performance in the field of health and the way it gets in the digital hospital also draws attention to the international arena. I believe that HIMSS’18 Eurasia is also going to contribute pretty much and support in increasing the power of our country which is a leader and role model with its success and experience for the countries of the region.


We will have much greater opportunities for the future

Prof. Dr. Sabahattin AYDIN, Rector of Medipol University

The HIMSS organization held in Turkey reached an international dimension to the national level with health informatics conferences, congresses, workshops, and qualified exhibitors. Here, both the private sector, the public sector, the service providers, and the payer agencies offer an opportunity to share common views. So I think we can take much bigger opportunities from negotiations panels and the conferences.

Turkey is the role model for regional countries

Dr. Şuayip BİRİNCİ, Deputy Minister of Health

The progress that Turkey takes in the field of health has brought Turkey to a leading position in terms of all regional and developing countries. Thus, with the name HIMSS’18 Eurasia, making an international event became unavoidable that targetting Asia, European and African countries with Turkey.

We glad that we are going to organize HIMSS’18 Educational Conference and Health İt Exhibition, including also the countries of the region as from 2018, in Istanbul by considering Turkey as a focus country. HIMSS’18 Eurasia that is going to take place with the support and patronage of the TR Ministry of Health, the cooperation of universities, private hospitals, Social Security Institution and the participation of the health authorities of the countries of the region, would create opportunities to meet the best IT practices and innovation-based solutions. So we will discover ways of transforming the healthcare industry together.

Turkey’s leadership role gives a distinct mission

Harold “Hal” Wolf, III, President & CEO, HIMSS, USA

The performance that Turkey progressed in the digitalization in health let it stand out amongst other countries. The leading role of Turkey assumes at the neighboring countries of Turkey and developing countries also gives another mission.

“HIMSS Turkey” which is going to be held in the name of “HIMSS Eurasia” as a regional event, excites us as well as our partner in Turkey. I wish that Turkey come forward as a strong pillar of the international network system by sharing the process of transformation and digitization of health.

The health sector is the best digitalizing sector

Mahir ÜLGÜ, Health Information Systems General Manager

HIMSS Turkey is an organization that brings together sector employee, manufacturers, and health personnel to measure the point reached in the digitalization of the health system, lay out our new goals.

The Ministry of Health was selected as a best digitalized sector in a competition organized by TUSIAD and Turkey Informatics Foundation, under the umbrella of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey last year. We take pride all together.

The aim is to improve patient safety and quality of patient care

İlker KÖSE, From Medipol University Assistant Professor Doctor

Actually, HIMSS is a resource that allows countries to control whether there is an increase in patient safety and the quality of health service primarily when the Ministry of Health makes technology investments. Improving patient safety and quality of care is also a goal of the hospital. In this context, it is a useful process for the patient to see which level the hospital is and then strive to increase this level. In this sense, we can refer to HIMSS as an investment guide that prioritizes the patient safety in the right time and the right technology for all sides.

Our goal is to be a health It hub

Dr. Gürhan ZİNCİRCİOĞLU, from Tire State Hospital

I am very happy to be at HIMSS. I am also on the event committee. This year we developed the ‘Digital Hospital’ concept. There are international participants at the event. Our goal is to be a health IT hub.

There is a serious work for HIMSS’18 Eurasia

Kemal ŞAHİN, Ekspotürk General Manager

It is a fact that Turkey is an authority in health informatics in the region. In the 2017 event, participants from many countries such as Tunisia, Pakistan, Azarbeycan, Kazakhstan attended. Important workings continue to reinforce Turkey’s regional leadership with HIMSS’18 Eurasia.