Sağlık Tesisi Yönetimindeki En Akıllı Yardımcı: mantIQ İş Zekası Platformu

SRDC Corporation has been conducting academic studies on electronic health for many years and standing out with great success in national and international R&D projects. SRDC introduced mantIQ Business Intelligence Platform which help the decision makers give meaning to ever-accumulating health data using the latest artificial intelligence technologies. Having started to operate in the education and research hospitals of Ministry of Health of Turkey, mantIQ is being appreciated by the managers of different levels and physicians, and now is reaching out to new users.

Developed in METU Technopolis with completely local resources, mantIQ is a business intelligence platform helping you give meaning to your big data and make better decisions through its high-tech data analysis and visualization tools without any third-party license dependency.

Financial Analysis
It is crucial to continually monitor the financial status of the medical enterprises. It requires quite an extensive effort to harmonize ever-accumulating data from disparate data sources, performing analysis with all details and relate cost data with other sources of the enterprise. The aim of mantIQ is to facilitate this challenging process for managers and decision makers in a way that they can perform these tasks easily in their daily routines.

Service Quality Analysis
Quality in health enterprises is an important factor for being able to comply with national and international standards as well as to improve community health care and induce economic development as the return of these high-quality services. It is of high importance to analyse the entire data in a fast and accurate way in order to track the quality of the services provided in different departments, to associate health services with financial data, and to make better decisions. At this point, mantIQ provides the appropriate Key Performance Indicators for evaluating the quality of service provided at the health enterprise; and analysis engines working on top the indicators and their Dimensions to support managers in their administrative decisions.

Efficiency Analysis
Along with the rapid demographic and economic developments in recent years, high costs in the health care sector have necessitated efficient and effective use of the allocated and limited resources. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to use intelligent systems that ensure the resources are used correctly, with a primary focus on efficiency. Cost analysis provided by mantIQ makes it easy to follow how much money is spent, while at the same time to analyse whether the spent amounts and resources are used efficiently or not.

Predictive Analysis
Beyond giving explanatory analysis and detailed statistics on the accumulated health data, mantIQ enables decision makers to plan the future, based on the evidence obtained by conducting relational analysis on raw data and generating predictive analysis results from projections of the Key Performance Indicators on time dimension. By using high-tech artificial intelligence algorithms, mantIQ provides decision-makers predictions for each indicator and their correlation with each other.


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